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Speed, performance and reliability. These three words completely describe Mozilla Firefox 37.0. It is one of the best browsers in the world, used by millions of users on a daily basis. It is developed by a non-profit organization, called Mozilla Foundation. 


  • Redesigns your Home page
  • Tabbed interface
  • Control of the pop-ups
  • Customizable
  • Bookmark support

Mozilla Firefox comes with some nice features, like a redesign of your Home page. Thus you can add different web pages within the list of nine pages, created right after the click on the new Tab. With Mozilla Firefox you can actually add/remove and even reorganize your favorite webpages. In addition, this browser comes with some kind of shortcuts, which enable you to navigate among different pages within a few key strokes. Thanks to its Bookmark feature, you are able to keep an entire list of all favorite websites you have and you want to visit later on. 


Mozilla Firefox feels very intuitive, responsive and smooth, which doesn’t affect its performance at all. Please pay attention to the number of installed extension, because it may cause slowdown and even crashes. However despite this little concern, the add-ons are probably the best feature of Mozilla Firefox. Probably because you can completely personalize it by using extensions. You are able to customize almost the entire browser, as most of the plug-ins are created by a community of contributors. Actually, they provide you with a large number of themes. Thus you will be able to experience different interfaces and color schemes. In addition, Mozilla Firefox supports over 50 different languages, which makes it the international software that it really is. 

Basic Operations

Besides your Internet connection, malware and spyware programs or viruses can also hinder the speed of the popular browser. Mozilla Firefox provides you with decent protection of your privacy and children, by adding a level of parental control. During our team test, we have experienced the great speed of Mozilla Firefox in each single aspect. All main features like Downloads, Bookmarks, Home and Search are accessible within a single click. You can control their functions right from the Options Menu, where you can use Tabs instead of new windows or warn you when closing multiple tabs. Thus you will be sure you won’t close all your currently loaded web pages. In addition, Mozilla Firefox is capable of restoring all opened tabs, in case it accidently crashes for some reason. Once a web site tries to install an add-on, you will be notified.


Mozilla Firefox continues to enhance with every new version. It becomes much faster as well as more secure. Mozilla Firefox is used by almost 450 million people around the world. Thus we will keep providing you with the latest updates for this great web browsing alternative. Do not waste any more time and download one of the best web browsers nowadays.


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