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Internet Explorer 11.0.4 comes with every Windows operating system and can be updated just like all Windows-based programs. It is mostly used to browse the web and every newer version is more and more dedicated to that. Since its early versions, Internet Explorer, a.k.a. IE, constantly evolves and tries to keep up with the best in this category. Yet to be mentioned is that you do not have pay anything if you want to download and install it as a new program or update an older version.


  • Pop up blocker
  • InPrivate Browsing
  • Compatible with HTML5 standard
  • Four toolbars included
  • Multi-language interface
  • WebGL and High DPI support
  • Improved JavaScript performance
  • Tool set for developers

Just like all other popular browsers, Internet Explorer has many and useful features. It has tab-based interface and four customizable toolbars: Menu, Favorites, Command and Status. Add-ons and extensions are also supported. You can enable or disable them any time. There is a built-in pop-up blocker, which is a “must” feature for every self-respected modern browser. Tracking protection, InPrivate browsing and ActiveX filtering are also some of the best features this well-known web browser has. Furthermore the latest version includes enhanced scaling for high DPI screens, HTML5 pre-render and pre-fetch, hardware-accelerated JPEG decoding, closed captioning, HTML5 full screen and last but not least, WebGL support.


Internet Explorer does not differ that much from any regular browser when it comes to interface. For instance, the Back and Forward buttons, the address bar, the Settings and Favorites icons are easily recognizable by any internet user.Dealing with web pages that use a small font size is not a problem at all. You can enlarge them using the browser zooming capabilities or select a larger text size. The difference between the two is that the first one will enlarge the text size of the current tab only, while the second one will do so to all opened tabs. The style and encoding of each page can also be easily changed if you want to.

Basic Operations

Internet Explorer does not include a help file. Instead, it has a very detailed web-based help page that contains all the necessary information related to it. There you can find how to import or export your favorites, how to add more search engines to it, how to install Java, manage add-ons and use ActiveX controls. In addition to that, you can manage very easily all downloaded files from the web, set it up to remember all passwords and web form information, use RSS feeds and so forth.


Internet Explorer is and will always be one of the biggest players in the web browser field. Preferred or declined by many users, it will continue to be one of the top browsers around the world. You will have to face it, at least for a while, as long as it is distributed as a part of the Microsoft operating system. Or, until you download another IE replacement.


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