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    Opera 28.0.1750.51

    By Opera Software
    Category: Web Browsers

Opera 28.0.1750.51 might not be the most popular web browser on the Internet, but it is still a proper software solution for browsing the web. The software shines with its integrated BitTorrent client and IRC chat. In addition, it offers great stability and speed, which seem to be the major components for having the ultimate browsing experience.


  • Integrated BitTorrent client
  • Built-in IRC chat
  • Opera Turbo
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Speed Dial

Opera offers an unique feature, called Opera Turbo, which enables you to load pages much faster than any other web browser, especially if you have slow or unstable Internet connection. This functionality gives the biggest priority to text-based page components. Thus they will load first and everything else will appear next.


Opera has a really refined and classy interface. Actually, it might have the best looks among all web browsers on the Internet. Opera enables you to completely customize the way your browser looks by picking a pre-designed theme or by creating a new one on your own.

Basic Operations

Unlike most web browsers, with Opera you can customize your mouse gestures and key combos. Thus you can change the way you interact with the program. In addition, it also offers voice control and screen reading features for sight and hearing impaired users. That's what we call a user-friendly web browser.


If you are looking for an alternative of top web browsing software, Opera should definitely be your choice. Its customization options enable you to adjust the way it looks and feels in order to get the ultimate web browsing experience.


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