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Web browsers are a mandatory part of each user's toolkit, right? This software provides you with access to web pages on the Internet and that's it. Actually, this was true until a few years ago, when Torch Browser was initially released. This Internet explorer is based on Google Chrome. Thus you might find some visual similarities. Torch Browser bundles a torrent client, a media player, a download accelerator, etc.


  • Media Grabber
  • Torch Torrent
  • Torch Player
  • Torch Music
  • Torch Games
  • Torch Facelift

This web browsing software goes much beyond ordinary browsers. It totally eliminates the need of using third party software. With Torch Browser, you don't need to leave it for a second. It offers a built-in torrent client. Thanks to its integrated download accelerator, you will be able to achieve great downloading speed. Once you have downloaded a video torrent via Torch, you can play it right within the web browser. Yep! You don't need to open any external software.

Let's say you stumble upon an outstanding video and you want to have it on your PC? Torch can make this happen, thanks to its Media Grabber feature. Cool, right? And this is just the beginning. Thanks to Torch Music, a unique YouTube music portal, you can enjoy your favorite artists right from your web browser. You get similar user experience to ordinary music player.

You want to have fun and play some games? Thanks to Torch Games, you can do this as well. You have direct access to hundreds of free games from all kinds of genres.

Have you ever wanted to customize your Facebook page the way you want? Yes? OK, then you will be more than happy to have Torch Browser and take advantage of its Torch Facelift feature. It allows you to jump on your Facebook page, change its background, fonts, colors or just choose one of the predefined by Torch designers themes.

This web browser offers really great drag and drop functionality, which turns sharing into a piece of cake.


Torch Browser might be based on the popular Google Chrome, but it goes way beyond ordinary web browsers. You definitely need to experience this program. It will change the way you look at and what you expect from your browser.


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