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Safari 5.1.7 is Apple’s free web browser also made available for Windows. As any other browser it offers multi-tabbed layout, easy navigation, RSS reader, private browsing mode and more. It is not the most popular choice of browser among Windows users, but those using it know that it is easy-to-use and quite fast.


  • Great speed
  • Handy functionality
  • Bonjour

Safari surprisingly offers great overall functionality. It comes with very simple and straightforward installation process. However it may take some time to finish it, because there are lots of files to be copied. Safari can find and share with you multiple devices, connected to your network. Once you start Safari, you will definitely notice its great speed and lightness. 


As you have probably noticed all web browsers come with similar interfaces. Safari doesn't make a difference. Thus you will find it very intuitive. Basically, it includes all common elements like an address bar, a search engine field, Back and Forward buttons, etc. You also have access to its settings right from the upper-right corner. Besides Google search engine, you can rely on Yahoo and Bing as well.  We really liked the fact that there are seven buttons underneath the address bar, which provide you with instant access to Apple's homepage, YouTube, Google Maps, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, the News and Popular sections. 

Basic Operations

Safari not only looks like any other browser, but also it feels like that. Besides defining a landing page, you can get a webpage gallery, where you can see some of the most visited ones and reach each one of them within a single click. Just like all modern browsing software, Safari offers tabbed interface, which enables you to open various webpages within a single instance. Thus it is much easier for you to switch among them.


Safari is one of the best web browsers nowadays. It might not shine with some innovations, but you will definitely feel its speed and lightness. Please feel free to download and try it right away.


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