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Computer games were, are and always will be a good way to entertain yourself. In the beginning, all games were single player and all users had to play them only on their own computer. Now the situation is different thanks to many games platforms like Steam. This platform is a product that allows you to create one account and use it to access many free and paid games. Moreover, you can create a list of your games and reach it from every computer as long as you have access to the Internet and to Steam itself. This game platform is absolutely free and can be downloaded and installed on any Windows, MAC or Linux operating system. It offers updates, game servers, friend lists, chat, statistics and more.


  • Platform with over 2000 games
  • Receive game updates automatically
  • Find the best game servers
  • Use one account for all games
  • Steam Save
  • Friends list, Chat, Statistics features
  • Works on PC, MAC and Linux
  • Multi-language interface

Steam is one of the first games platforms of its kind and that is why it is so popular. It has a multi-language user interface, which is why any user around the world can use it in their native language. The best thing about this app is that you create only one account and use it to play all your games. The platform is capable of creating a list of all your games – free and paid, which can be seen as long as you have installed Steam on any PC. What's more, all users are provided with Friends lists, Chat and Game Statistics. They can search the database for any possible game and even receive game updates on a regular basis. Steam Save is the name of another great feature that allows you to save your progress online and continue from the point you have reached even on a different machine.


The interface of Steam is based on tabs, which is one of the commonly used interface styles. You can also customize it by changing the interface skin. Besides that, there is a window mode and a full screen mode, so you can choose either one based on your personal preferences. The platform will remember your wish and will launch every time using your favorite mode.

There are several menus on top that allow you to reach any possible feature and option. Your account information is only a click away and is available via a drop-down menu, placed in the upper right corner. You can use it to change your account details, view your profile or even switch to another user account.

It is very easy to work with this platform, because its interface looks more or less like a web browser. Yes, it is that easy to search for free games, watch game demos and trailers and purchase games through the platform.

Basic Operations

Steam allows you to chat with your friends, meet new people, join game groups, chat in-game, and so forth. More and more users are joining this huge community, which is the best way to find some of them to trade items with, or to share any kind of experience. You can also inform Valve about a game that you want to be added to Steam as well as sell or buy different games. This game platform is also very customizable and has many settings and options that can be tweaked. You can modify a lot of things and set them to perfectly fit your needs.


If you are a real gamer, you must have a Steam account. This does not mean that you have to buy games or pay monthly fees. You can use this games platform to get the latest news about any game and at the same time download many free games and play them without any limitations. Best of all – this app allows you to be with your games no matter where in the world you are.


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