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EA Games' Need For Speed is the most popular street racing game series of all times. It is mostly designed for offline single play. You need to race AI opponents and finish first in different kinds of disciplines. However, Electronic Arts moved on to a whole new level of gaming experience by offering complete free online gameplay with its new game Need For Speed World.


  • Free
  • Lots of cars
  • Power-ups

This racing simulator allows you to play 24/7, competing other gamers from all over the globe. You just need to sign up for free and your are ready to go. NFS World offers lots of cars as well as tuning and performance upgrades. EA Games has implemented a whole new feature in its completely online game, called “power-ups”. They are designed to provide you with an advantage over your opponents like nitrous, shields, etc. You gain more and more experience with each race you win. Thus you can increase your level and unlock new vehicles and performance packages. Besides that you can also earn Reward cards too.

Keep in mind that there is another way to increase your level and tune your cars besides racing hundreds of times. Need For Speed World comes with a shop, where you can use real money for buying all kinds of stuff even power-ups.


We are a bit disappointed by how the cars drive. Generally, it is absolutely impossible to oversteer even if you are driving a rear wheel drive car. The game offers too much grip and understeering. Most of you might recommend using handbrake. Unfortunately, it doesn't work quite well. Using handbrake will dramatically reduce your speed and it is almost 100% sure that you have lost the race. However, we really liked the fact that EA Games has kept shortcuts, which can help you win a position or two and even win the race if you managed to turn in the right moment.

Online gaming and hackers

Online gameplay lets you play versus gamers from all countries around the world. However, it has some downsides too. While you play, you will often see other racers to literally fly around, instead of driving over the ground. Internet connection lag is the next thing, which can ruin the race. It is the reason why your rivals disappear and appear right in front of you out of nowhere.


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