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Once in a while, a small and simple game appears and occupies the entire spare time of users all over the world. The one we are about to present to you is called Angry Birds. Probably there is no person on the planet, who hasn't heard about this game. It is available on all kinds of platforms and enables users to play for hours. Just for your information, Angry Bird is the top paid app of all times. Its initial appearance was on iOS. 


Angry Birds 3.0.0 is a small-sized game for today's standards, which is extremely entertaining and quite addictive. It is really hard to stop playing once you have started. As we have already mentioned above the game was release for iOS users only back in 2009. Fortunately, its developer didn't waste their time but make it available for Android and computers too. Angry Birds comes with a pretty simple story line. Briefly, there is a bunch of green pigs, which have stolen all birds' eggs. Birds are not happy at all and that's why they become very angry and attack the green thieves. In addition, there are various kinds of pigs and birds.


Red Bird (also known as Red), Blue Birds (Blue Jake, Blue Jay and Blue Jim aka The Blues), Chuck –  Yellow Bird, Matilda – The White Bird, Al – Boomerang, Terence – Big Brother Bird, Bubbles – Orange Bird and Stella – Pink Bird. Each one of these flying species has its special power. They can explode, drop egg bombs, expand, etc. There are several kinds of evil pigs too - Small, Medium, Large, Helmet, Mustache, King, Fat, Zombie Pigs and so on.


The purpose of the game is straightforward – stretch the rubber band and hit all bad pigs on the map. Each level and map offers different kinds of obstacles. Angry Birds 3.0.0 comes with more than 500 different levels. Unfortunately, there are all accessible one if you have purchased the game. Your score varies from zero up to three stars. Their number depends on the used birds during the game. With this demo version you are able to play the Poached Eggs chapter only. However it includes 189 unique levels, so you will have plenty of hours entertaining with Angry Birds for free.


Just like most addictive small games, Angry Birds doesn't have some to high quality graphics. Actually it is a 2D game. Despite that it looks fine as well as it is very colorful. 


Its sound is the next reason, why the game is so addictive and entertaining. Birds might be very angry, but they sound extremely funny. 


If you are looking for a funny way to spend your spare time, Angry Birds is just the game you should try. It can keep you engaged for hours. What we really liked about Angry Birds is that it is available for multiple platform. Thus you can enjoy it wherever you are and whatever device you use. Please do not hesitate to download it right away. Let's the fun!   


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