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SketchUp 8 introduces tons of new user requested features including an updated user interface, added file import and export functions, improved DWG/DXF handling, enhanced sketching abilities, and some cool new tools including "The Sandbox".Performance and StabilitySketchUp is now up to 2x faster on many modeling operations. Data files are kept in good working order with the new Check Validity feature, and Save as Previous Version allows compatibility with users of older versions.Ruby ScriptingRuby has been a huge hit! And some of our current users write some amazing code! We've been listening to your requests, and have tried to add a couple of your biggest to SketchUp 8. There's more to talk about in the Ruby Documentation (which has been rewritten completely), but two highlights are Ruby Intellectual Property Protection and Ruby Toolbars.Cool New ToolsWait until you see what we're calling "The Sandbox". It's a new set of tools for modeling terrain and other organic shapes. When you come to play in our backyard you can:Bring in your survey data and create a surface from contours Draw a surface from Scratch Build berms and hills with our new SmooveTM Tool (it's a "smooth mover") Put roads, building pads, parking lots, etc. in your model with the Stamp Tool Project 2D geometry onto any complex 3D surface with the new Drape Tool Use the Add Detail Tool to add resolution to any surface The Flip Edge Tool lets you "flip" the interior edge between any two connected triangles to change a ridge to a valley (or vice versa) Because SketchUp is all about simple yet sophisticated tools, we've made a few key improvements to our existing toolset that give you even more modeling power. You'll want to explore the new capabilities of the Rotate, Walk, Push/Pull, Circle and Polygon Tools.


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