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GIMP is a free yet good enough photo and image editing software. It is not as powerful and full-featured as other photo editing softwares, but it is free. GIMP is easy to work with and can help you if you need to retouch and enhance your vacation pictures, edit or crop party pictures, etc.


  • Supports many image formats
  • Provides many advanced editing tools
  • Supports custom brushes and patterns
  • Multiple Undo/Redo is possible
  • Comes with more than 100 plug-ins
  • Can be used as image converter

GIMP is full of features and supports all commonly used image formats, such as BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG, JPG, etc. You can use it to resize, rotate, flip, crop or mirror your image files as well as to convert them in another format. Besides that, this powerful application has a full drawer of painting tools, including brushes, pencils, airbrushes, clones, etc. A very powerful gradient editor and a blend tool are also included to facilitate your work with it and to provide you the flexibility to do whatever you want. To extend the application functionality, the developer has included support for custom brushes and patterns.


At first sight, you may find the interface of GIMP a bit crowded, but this is only because the program starts like that. You are in full control of changing everything, including the application skin. Thus, you can create the best working environment for you and place any toolbox or toolbar wherever you want.

In the View menu you can select what to see and what not. The Tools menu contains all available instruments the program offers. The Filters menu gives you access to all available filters and their sub-menus if you need to apply a certain filter to your image.

Basic Operations

GIMP has everything that you might need to edit your image files. There are 34 tools in the program toolbox which can provide you everything you will ever need to manipulate any image file. Hundreds of plug-ins are also available to facilitate your work. Online you can find a great deal of help provided by the developer’s website.


In conclusion, GIMP is the program you need if you want to be able to do almost everything with your photos for free. It is a very powerful utility which provides many possibilities, so the only way to find them out is if you download and try it yourself.


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