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When it comes to bitmap and vector graphic editors, Adobe Fireworks CS6 is one of the most famous names that comes out of any product comparison list. It is a graphic editor that focuses mostly on creating, editing and exporting web graphic objects. It is made for web designers that rapidly create websites and program interfaces. Part of its features are slices and hotspots. It perfectly integrates with all Adobe products like Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash. This paid product can be evaluated if you download and install its 30-day free trial version. This version is fully functional and does not have any limitations whatsoever.


  • Extracts CSS code with the Properties panel
  • Creates/updates jQuery themes
  • Easy to use bitmap and vector graphics tools
  • Works with templates and styles
  • Great import and export features
  • Compatible with all Adobe products

Adobe Fireworks CS6 is full of features and options, so it will be very hard for us to list them all here. However, the most important ones are: improved CSS support, jQuery mobile theme support, screen-based design tools, templates for mobile apps, styles for web content, pixel-precise rendering, sophisticated prototyping and so on. The system requirements are medium to high and you can install it on any Windows OS version starting with Windows XP and later. This powerful utility works with layers which are hierarchical. The biggest advantage of that is, that in projects with large number of layers, the workflow is significantly improved.


Adobe Fireworks CS6 has a good-looking and well-organized user interface. This is the reason why anyone can quickly learn how to use the program. All basic function icons are situated on top while a number of tools, grouped mostly by their category, are placed to the right. The Layers panel is docked to the right and every project properties are shown at the bottom. This program allows you to work with more than one project at a time, but it cannot open more than one instance, which is something normal for such a program.

There are four tabs on top which are used for quickly switching between the different views: Original, Preview, 2-Up and 4-Up. This program also supports guides, horizontal and vertical lines that act like a ruler for greater precision. One or more guides can be placed over every image file and be used as a visual aid.

Basic Operations

Adobe Fireworks CS6 allows reusable elements to be designated as symbols and placed multiple times on multiple pages. All symbol instances will be changed when you decide to edit your master symbol as well. In terms of image compression, this product has a better compression rate than Photoshop with JPEG, PNG and GIF image files. You can also use it to export your projects to various image formats. Another great program feature is called states. It was previously known as frames and it is used for animation purposes.


All things considered, Adobe Fireworks CS6 is a professional utility and that is why anyone is advised to spend some time learning it. A huge number of very informative video tutorials are provided on the developer's website that will minimize your training time. Other than that, we can only say good words about this impressive Adobe application.


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