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Flappy Bird is an adventure game that was released in the first quarter of 2013. It is developed by Dong Nguyen and became very popular around the world for a very short period of time. It is suitable for all age groups and does not have special system requirements. The fact that it is less than 1MB in size talks about how lightweight and simple that game is. Indeed, it is developed with the intention to entertain everyone for a short break or longer hours.


  • Works on any Windows OS
  • Controlled by a single key
  • Cross-platform game

Flappy Bird is a game without a story and is developed to be as simple as possible. It is about a flying bird which moves all the time to the right of your screen. In front of it a row of green pipes show up with a small gap between the pipes, which the bird has to go through. The bird briefly flaps upward if you tap on your screen or press the space bar. If you do not tap at the right time, the bird will hit a pipe; if you do not tap at all - the bird will fall down due to gravity.

There are no levels or variations in the game. You earn a point for every pipe you have passed. The goal is to pass as many pipes as possible. More or less, the pipe style may remind you of the well-known game in the past Super Mario Bros.

This game type is called side-scrolling and was initially written for iOS and Android OS. Now it is available for PC and you can give it a try if you download it for free from our website.


Flappy Bird is a 2D retro style game, but it can be very entertaining and even addictive. There are many different variations of the game which were released soon after the original game. However, this game is a nice way to spend the day. Or the week...


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