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One of the challenges of the information overload today is that each and every one of is using more than one device to store their information. Dropbox 2.10.49 is cloud-based storage utility that helps us share folders and keep all our files in order through synchronization across devices.


  • Accessible files from everywhere
  • Cross-platform
  • Shares folders and files
  • Saves links

Dropbox enables you to access all uploaded files to its own cloud-based storage space. In order to do that you will need to get a free account first. In case you want to access all your files from another PC, you just need to log in and voila! You can also reach them via your web browsers or you mobile devices. The app offers you to share content with your friends as well as they can do the same with you.


There are two ways you can work with the app. You can simply “throw” files to the app icon. By clicking on the icon, you can access the folder, where you can manage your files much easier. The second way seems to give you more choices and ways to control your uploaded content. Thus you can manage your files and photos, share them, you can also save links or follow your events. Creating new folders is possible as well.

Basic Operations

Once you sign up, Dropbox will provide you with initial free space of 2 GB. In order to increase this size, you could recommend Dropbox to a friend, which will win you extra 500 MB. This method can be used within limits of course, once you reach 18 GB you get no more extras. However there is another way to achieve it. You can also pay a monthly fee for extra space. The fees start from USD 9.99 for 100 GB. Beware that you can increase you space up to 500 GB. In case you need space for your business data, you can take advantage of a business plan, which starts from 1 TB for 5 users.


Dropbox is probably the best cloud-based file storage system nowadays. In case you want to have your files at hand all the time, you should definitely pick out Dropbox. Since it is absolutely free of charge, please don't waste any more, but download it and upload your data within single cloud storage.


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