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    By Azureus
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The torrent format became extremely popular in the past decade. People around the world use them for getting their favorite music, videos, games, etc. Bittorrent client software is what enables them to download all this content. Most competitors like uTorrent, BitComet, etc look and feel exactly the same. However there is another program, called Vuze, which does offer much more extensive functionality compared to the other bittorrent clients.


  • Meta search
  • Subscriptions
  • Fast downloads
  • Web remote
  • HD player
  • Device playback
  • Cross-device compatibility

The tagline of Vuze is find, download, play. Actually, these three words are completely enough to understand what you can expect from this bittorrent client. It allows you to perform meta searches, add subscriptions, download files quickly and efficiently, take control over your Vuze from a distance by using another remote device, etc. Besides that it comes with a built-in HD player. Thus you can easily play multimedia content without leaving Vuze.


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