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    Google Drive 1.20.8672.3137

    By Google
    Category: File Sharing

Have you ever heard about cloud storage? It is not like a warehouse in the sky. Actually, this is one of the newest ways of sharing files and accessing them from any device wherever you are. We offer you one of the best cloud storage clients for Windows OS, namely Google Drive. It is very user friendly, easy to use, available on all platforms and offer you remote access to your files from any type of device, mobile or desktop. What could be more convenient than that?


  • Secure storage
  • File sharing
  • Google Docs, Sheets and Slides support
  • Gmail and Google+ integration
  • Search
  • 30+ file formats supported within your browser
  • Comments

Google Drive 1.20.8672.3137 turned into one of the most safe places on the Internet for storing files. Besides that its cloud-based system enables accessing them from any place on the planet, regardless of the device you use. An Internet connection seems to be the single requirement. This software enables you to create Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Thus you can easily create documents on the go, without having installed any third-party software.


Google Drive doesn't have a regular interface, because it is web-based actually. However if you check your system tray, you will find its icon there. Since this software is a part of Google's family, it offers very similar design like Google+ and Gmail. Thus navigation among features is very simple and intuitive. All available document types can be accessed right from the Create button, located within the left side bar.

Basic Operations

Google Drive 1.20.8672.3137 creates a directory on your local drive, where you can place your files in order to access them from whenever you want, wherever you are, whatever kind of device you use. If we need to describe this app with two words only, the will be free and secure. Google Drive is available for all kinds of platforms.


Google Drive 1.20.8672.3137 is a superior utility, which provides you with the ability to store files within secured online cloud storage and access it whenever you need them, no matter what device you are currently using. Since it is 100% free of charge, please download it right away and share with us how Google Drive makes your life easier.


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