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TeamViewer 10.0.40642 is a simple, fast and secure desktop sharing utility allowing remote control and remote presentation. Its primary goal is to provide you with access to any remote PC on the Internet whose ID and pass you have. TeamViewer now allows you to do much more than simply connect between PCs.


  • Cross-platform
  • Remote control
  • Reliable
  • File transfer
  • PC-to-PC remote control
  • Can work without installation

TeamViewer comes with a pretty long feature list. First, it is completely free of charge. Second, it enables you to connect to remote computers. You can use it for sharing screens, file transferring, two-way control, voice, video, VoIP and chat communication, etc. You can record your session as well. This app works behind firewall and NAT proxy. In addition, it supports remote printing and meeting add-in for Outlook.


The main control panel of TeamViewer includes three menus and two tabs. You can disable/enable almost every single component of the software as well as customize them from the options menu. Information about all registered computers can be found within the Computers and Contacts panel provides. Thus you don't need to remember their IDs or passwords. Once you have connected to another PC, the panel minimizes itself. During sessions, you can have a whiteboard with a pen, a highlighter, an eraser and a text balloon. They are just the perfect addition for your online presentations.

Basic Operations

It is very important to mention that TeamViewer can be launched without any installation. You just need to open the setup file and choose the Run option. Once a connection is established and all participants have joined to the scheduled meeting you can take full control of all the users and their rights. You will be also able to mute anyone, allow audio, video, chat or file sharing only to particular members of the meeting. In case you want to review the entire session later on, you can record it. Thus you will also be able to send it to people, who weren't able to participate in your session.


TeamViewer became the benchmark for a remote access software program. Actually, it is the ultimate solution among all its competition. TeamViewer has just raised the bar too high for most of its rivals. Since it is free for home users, please do not hesitate to download and try it right away.


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