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One of the main problems while you use text editing programs and you want to create math equations is the fact that you will not be able to use the characters that you need. That's why for the creation of math equations you need another program where you can write these equations with math characters. MathType 6.9 will provide you with all the utilities that you need to create your equation and when you are done, you can export the created file to InDesign, OpenOffice, Evernote, Maple, iWOrk, Microsoft Office and 700 more supported programs for which MathType gives support.


  • Uses 7 categories
  • Rich format
  • Different styles
  • Tutorial

Geometry, Algebra, Derivatives, Matrices, Statistics, Sets and Trigonometry are the categories of symbols that you can use in order to exploit the features of the program. If you become confused by the functions of the program, you can access the forum. Keep in mind that you can try these features for only 30 days and after that periods, you have to pay USD 97.00.


The functions are standard and you will not have any problem to understand any function that the menus give, because of their simplicity. Every another instrument, like the effects and symbols that the program uses are below the main menus, which is also a usual feature. Almost at the bottom, you will find the categories, which makes the interface of the app user friendly, because you can access all the instruments with ease.

Basic Operations

MathType lets you delete every equation that you don't need anymore. There are a lot of other functions that you can use, which help you create the equation that you need.


MathType uses Unicode characters to create the math equations that you need. It includes translators and some other utilities that make the program very capable. It is also quite compatible and customizable.



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