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Google Earth is based on Google maps, another great and innovative creation of Google. This software is probably the best navigator nowadays. You can explore the planet, get to know the Earth or zoom to particular city. You can even get a guide if you want to observe the Moon, Mars or the stars. The number of option you get is just enormous.


  • 3D Maps
  • Route calculation
  • Satellite Maps
  • Perspective Maps

Google Earth is available in languages your PC supports. You have access to almost everything like roads, places, oceans, weather as well as great number of gallery options. Google Earth enables you to observe the world map in an interactive way, almost close to real. You won't believe, but you can even view detailed 3D structures. In addition, since it is based on Google Maps, you are able to take an advantage of all its features as well.


Google Earth comes with a very well-structured graphical user interface. All menus, icons and the Search, Layer, Places sections are designed to help you find what you need in no time.

Basic Operations

Thanks to its built-in road planner, tour recorder, etc Google Earth very easy to navigate with. In addition, you can even save the image, send it via email, etc. You can also add polygons or paths. However what made us the biggest impression was the weather layer with its clouds and radar in real time. Its gallery includes some very interesting items like Earthquakes, NASA, Travel, Volcanoes and web-cam travel, which you can turn on/off as you wish.


Google Earth makes it possible to learn more about the planet and explore. We strongly recommend that you download and try Google Earth 7.1.2, because the experience you will get is remarkable.



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