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FireBug 2.0.6 is a useful extension for software developers. This interesting “bug” is a Mozilla Firefox extension and is used by many developers and programmers for various purposes. First of all, it allows you to inspect HTML codes and modify styles and layouts in real time. Moreover, you can edit, debug and monitor CSS, HTML and JavaScript codes live in any web page. Best of all – this powerful extension is free of charge.


  • Installs as regular extension
  • Insects and edits HTML code
  • Compatible with CSS and JavaScript codes
  • Monitors network activity
  • Quickly finds all errors
  • Customizable to your desires


As a matter of a fact, FireBug opens up as a bar at the bottom of your Mozilla browser or you can also use it as a separate window. In addition to that, you can rely on this extension to measure and illustrate all offsets, margins, borders, padding and sizes for you. FireBug features a powerful JavaScript debugger that can instantly let you pause an extension and allow you to take a better look. Useful and detailed information about errors in JavaScript, CSS and XML is provided. It can also monitor your web page speed.

Basic Operations

FireBug can give you a lot of possibilities for web development to your hands. This means, that you can work exactly the way you want and to adjust all offered options to fit your needs. There is a very powerful search box that you can use to find just about anything that you are looking for. In addition to that, you can manage cookies in your browser very easily.


The bottom line is, FireBug is all that you need when it comes to debugging or editing HTML, CSS or JavaScript codes. This powerful extension can become your only tool for all simple and more complex tasks.


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