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Colors is very powerful, but still very tiny and lightweight color picker. It is free, portable and offers pretty comprehensive color model support. Besides that you can also pick colors right form your screen too. Thus you have no restrictions regarding color source.


  • Cross-color-model compatibility
  • 100% portable
  • Pick From Screen option
  • Auto clipboard
  • HTML/HEX code generation

Colors is just an irreplaceable part of the designing process. The Pick From Screen feature is probably one of the best. Colors is extremely useful in web design too, because it can generate HTML and HEX code, you can simply copy and paste. In addition, the software supports four different color models – RGB, HSV, HLS and CMYK.

Basic Operations

Colors enables you to pick colors is three different ways. Probably the easiest way is just by using the color palette. If you need your color to be accurate, you can enter the particular values manually. The last way of picking color is by using the Pick From Screen, which provides you with ability to pick colors virtually from any location on your screen.


If you are a designer, especially a web designer you should definitely download Colors. It will ease and optimize you working process for sure. Besides that it won't cost you a penny to do that. Please feel free to share your experience.


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