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What operating system do you use? Has it ever happened to you to need a different version of your OS in order to accomplish a particular task, i.e. an older one? Nowadays there are still apps, which are not compatible with the latest versions of the most popular operating system. Fortunately, there is a very clever resolution for your problems. It is called VMware Player 6.0.4 and what it does is to run an operating system within a virtual environment. Probably the best news for you is that this outstanding software alternative enables you to share any kind of data between your real OS and your virtual one.


  • Create new or open existing virtual machine
  • Supports over 60 operating systems
  • Data transfer between both operating systems (the virtual OS and the real one)
  • Highly configurable

VMware Player 6.0.4 provides you with the great ability to freely run virtual OS on your real machine. Thus you can experiment within an isolated environment without affecting your real OS. Once you are done, you restore the virtual OS to its predefined snapshot of its previous stable state and start again. You are able to create an unlimited number of snapshots. Since they will use the same PC configuration like your real OS, it is not recommended that you launch more than one virtual OS simultaneously. In addition, you can even use the same hardware devices like USB ports, keyboard, mouse, CD, DVD, web camera, etc.


VMware Player comes with a quite nice start-up window. It provides you with access to all available and possible options. Basically, VMware Player enables you to create an OS within your current OS. The operating system that your virtual machine needs in order to create a virtual PC is called Guest operating system. VMware Player does not restrict your OS choice. You can choose among all popular operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Novell NetWare, Solaris, etc. Each one of the virtual PCs you create come with separate PC configuration settings. For instance, you can define the maximum disk size, amount of memory, CPU power to use, etc.

Basic Operations

VMware Player by itself doesn't require much system resources. However please keep in mind that once you run a virtual OS, your PC configuration will be double-loaded. So it will definitely affect your overall system performance. Thus we don't recommend that you run more than one virtual operating systems. VMware Player enables you to work with your virtual OS like it is a real one. You can power it off/on, suspend it, etc. You are able to stretch it to full screen and select, which of the removable devices to be used by the virtual computer as well.


Since we didn't encounter any challenges during our tests of VMware Player, we could definitely tell that this is a great piece of software engineering, designed to have various applications. You can use this app to go round some software version restrictions easily. Since it is free of charge, you don't need to waste any more time, but give it a try. You will definitely love it. Feel free to post your feedback within the Comment section.


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