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Publisher's description

Vista Inspirat Shell Pack is a complete custom shell pack for all Windows XP.
It consists of modified icons and a new themed appearance for Windows XP.

What’s new with BricoPack System ?
- The packs are universal, they work on all Windows XP (but not Windows XP 64).
- Auto installation of the visual style, but it is possible to choose if you want to apply it or not during the installation.
- Update function : if you use Windows Update, original Windows XP icons will reappear. With BricoPack Update Function, you can re-apply the shell pack with a simple click!
- Replacement of the files during the restarting of your computer, which makes it possible to completely avoid the problem of the files on use.
- Auto refresh of the icon cache.

During the installation, it will be possible to choose the components to be installed. You can install or not the customised version of MSN Messenger, Outlook Express, or Windows Media Player 10.

After the installation you have two functions available via the start menu:
- Update, which allows recustomizer your system files (after using Windows Update for example).
- Uninstall, which restore your original Windows XP appearance

Before launching the installation you must restore Windows XP original state/dll (Without any shell packs). For example, if you have the Longhorn Transformation Pack, you must uninstall it before installing a new BricoPack.


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