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There are several important things that you have to be aware of when it comes to computer security. One of them is to keep your PC away from all kinds of viruses, spyware, trojans and rootkits. There are many good or very good solutions for that task, but only a few names are well-trusted. VIPRE Antivirus 2014 is one of them. It is a strong security shield that can protect your computer against everything that is even close viruses and malicious software. It is not free, but you can give it a try if you download and install its trial version.


  • Provides real-time protection
  • Anti-malware engine
  • Scans removable devices
  • Uses advanced anti-rootkit technology
  • Provides e-mail virus protection
  • History Cleaner and PC Explorer

There are many things that VIPRE Antivirus can do for you and real-time protection is one of the most important ones. This means that as long as you turn on your PC, you are protected. This advanced security program uses multiple detection methods to monitor and protect you from Internet security issues. Social Watch and Search Guard are the newest components that scan your Facebook pages and helps you browse the web safely. You can install it on any Windows OS version without slowing it down.


The user interface of VIPRE Antivirus is very elegant and stylish. It has just the necessary things shown on the home screen, which is not overloaded with buttons and menus. All three general levels of protection and their status are displayed in the middle. Four tabs on top will allow you to reach the functions you need. There is nothing that does not seem right no matter where you go and which program screen you have currently displayed on.

Basic Operations

VIPRE Antivirus 2014 comes with a History Cleaner that removes all browsing history. All removable devices like USB drives are automatically scanned when you connect them to your PC. Thanks to the way this program is developed, it does not slow down any computer that it is installed on.


VIPRE Antivirus can be the program of the day for you. You can try it and if you like it, do not hesitate and get a valid license. In case it turns to be a dream come true for you, please share with us your experience.


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