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A great tool, which can perfectly bypass multiple firewalls is UltraSurf 11.03. It is specially designed for users in China, which want to find freedom online. Actually, this app has become one of the most popular anti-censorship software on the Internet. Since it is freeware, you have no excuse, but download it right away.


  • Multiple IP addresses
  • Data transfer encryption
  • Clears Internet temporary files

UltraSurf supports all Windows OS versions since Windows XP. Besides just bypassing firewalls, it offers data transfer encryption too. In addition, you are able to clear your Internet cache as well as the entire history and all cookies.


The program is one of the applications, which don't have the typical interface, because it works in the background mostly. However once you run UltraSurt, you will see its main interface. By default it will open you a secure instance of Internet Explorer. Thanks to the big yellow lock next to the system tray, you can see whether you are in a secured session. Its main screen includes five buttons on top – Home, Retry, Option, Help and Exit, and another section, where you can see if you are successfully connected to a server.

Basic Operations



UltraSurf can protect your real IP address as well as go round different firewalls. Please do not hesitate to give it a try. We look forward to your feedback within the Comment field down below.


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