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Skype is probably the most popular application nowadays. Its initial appearance is back in 2003, when people started use Internet for making free calls around the world. Actually, this is the core of Skype as well. However besides simple sound transmission, you can now actually see the people, who you are calling. Besides that you can even send them free text messages and share everything you want.


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The core of Skype is to connect people around the world by enabling them to send each other free text messages and perform free calls. However over time the developers improved it a lot. Now you are even able to perform phone calls right from your PC. In order to do that you need to charge your account with some credits, but the price is still way lower that the one of the standard phone-to-phone calls. Besides that you are now also able to perform video and conference calls. In addition, you can even send files to other people such as pictures, videos, audio files, etc.


Skype is extremely user-friendly. Probably this is the main reason why people like and use it so much. Its workplace includes four main sections. Within the upper-left corner you will see a link to your Skype profile. Right below it, you will see four buttons, which enable you to go to your Skype Home page, start a call, add new people or create a new chat room. All your friends you can find in the list on the left. There is a search field in case you have too many and it is time-consuming to find the friend you need. Once you have selected an account from the list, you will see the entire chat history to the right. Right above it, you can see more details about your fiend’s account as well as the Call and Video Call buttons. 

Basic Operations

As you can see Skype seems to be very simple to use. Once you launch it, you just need to pick out a friend form the list and choose what you want to do, whether you want to perform a video or regular call or just want to chat. Please be aware that you need to have installed webcam in order to use the Video Call feature.  What about video conference? It may sound complicated, but actually it is extremely easy. You just need to add other friends to the current video call and voila!


Skype is used by users around the world for having fun, connecting with friends and even for doing business. So there is no argue about that this software is the leading instant messenger and VoIP client on the planet. Please give it a try and let it speak for itself. We look forward to your feedback.


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