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    PCMark 7 Basic Edition

    By Futuremark OY
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PCMark 7 Basic Edition is one of the most popular computer benchmark utilities available on the Internet for testing Windows OS. What this app actually does is to put your computer to various tests, seven if we have to be precise, checking its performance and productivity. This Basic Edition release is free of charge and you can use it for an unlimited period of time. However if you want to unlock some other tests, you need to purchase PCMark 7 Advanced Edition/Professional Edition.


  • 25 workloads
  • SSD testing
  • Windows 7 and 8 compatibility
  • Common use performance measurement

PCMark 7 offers you to put your PC to seven different tests – Lightweight, Entertainment, Creativity, Productivity, Computation and Storage. As you can see, it tests each aspect of your pc configuration. The program will measure your system performance and will display the final PCMark score. This version of PCMark 7 comes with much better video playback drawn frame measurement. In addition, it can disable or enable hardware accelerated video transcoding.


The app offers a very well-designed tabbed graphical user interface. The first tab is Benchmark. Its content is structured in three columns – Overall performance, Workloads and Run benchmark. Please keep in mind that the first two are not active for Basic Edition, so you cannot perform any changes. The last column includes a Run button, which enables you to initiate the benchmark test procedure.

Basic Operations

Since PCMark 7 is about to push your PC to the limit, it is recommended that you don't touch your mouse and keyboard at all during the testing process, because it might affect the final results. Keep in mind that the software will perform its seven-step benchmark test three times. Thus it will avoid any random results. Once the procedure finishes, your default web browser will open showing you your system overall score.


PCMark 7 is probably the best utility on the market nowadays, which can push you system to the limit in order to check its performance. If you want to perform a benchmark for your Windows 7/8-powered machine, you definitely should pick out this one. Please feel free to boast with your PC performance score.


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