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Many people use e-mails for their daily communications. A lot of them have more than one e-mail account. If they want to access all of them using only one instance, they have to look for an e-mail client like Opera Mail 1.0. This handy software can manage all your e-mail accounts using only one instance.


  • Reads, composes sends e-mail messages
  • Attachments are organized in categories
  • Built-in feed reader
  • Manages several e-mail accounts
  • Multilingual interface

Opera Mail can read, compose and send e-mail messages. It can attach files and organize all your messages in groups based on their status. It also has an integrated feed reader as well as labels for your messages for even better organization. You can install it on any PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8. It has a very low system usage and works without causing any troubles.


Opera Mail has a very nice user interface that reminds us of the Opera web browser. It uses the same colors as all Opera products and that is why you can easily begin working with it. The interface layout can be changed, using one of the provided layout configurations. You can also change the default list sorting methods as well as automatically or manually mark all read messages. Yet to be mentioned is that you can use this app in your native language, because it has an extensive language support.


Opera Mail is a very nice program and you can learn how to work with it in no time. It is completely free of charge and does not come with any additional adware, because it is made by a trusted developer.


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