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Mobogenie for PC - The Ultimate Android Phone Manager

Champs, are you sick and tired of installing a different phone manager for each brand? Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a single program, which works with all Android phones? Actually, there are dozens of them. However, there are not many like Mobogenie for PC. Different how? 

One Utility Deals with Hundreds of Devices

Samsung Kies 3HTC SyncSony PC Companion. These are undoubtedly great Android managers. However, as you know they are designed by manufacturers to work with their devices only. Back in the days, everything was OK, because people had just one smartphone. Today things are a bit different, right? People often have two or even three smart devices by different brands. Does it mean we need to jam up our PC with several applications, which share the same application? Of course not! Thus Mobogenie for PC is perfect for you. You install a single program, which can help you manage all your Android phones.

The Cable: To Be or Not To Be

Champs, it is absolutely up to you. You decide how to connect your Android phone with your PC or laptop. You've lost your USB cable? OK, just use WiFi connection in order to pair your smartphone with the laptop. Actually, once you've done the pairing, you might forget about cables and wires, because it's so much easier via wireless connection.

Mobogenie – The Ultimate Android Market

Most Android phone managers can really handle all of your currently installed apps. However, what about new ones? Unfortunately, you need to act in the old-fashioned way here and load the Google Play store in order to download new apps. This is the second thing, which makes Mobogenie stand out from the crowd. This application provides you with absolutely everything you might need for managing your Android phone. Its own Android market offers over 1 million games and apps. Happily the app number increases every day. Actually, while reading this review, there are already hundreds of new apps waiting for you there. Once you download Mobogenie for PC, don't forget to install Mobogenie for Android as well. This is the only way to get the ultimate user experience.

Not Just a Pretty Face

Champs, do you know what differentiates the new phone from the old one? Any suggestions? It's the mess in it. Over time people become lazy, when it comes to putting their files in order. Champs, we totally agree that this process is time-consuming and a bit annoying. This is exactly why we love Mobogenie It is extremely easy to manage files on your Android phone from the PC. This app not only looks incredible, but also feels the same way. Its sidebar gives you instant access to both your currently installed app and new ones from its Android market. Everything about its interface is categorized. So, Champs, you don't need to think or look around to find whatever you need.

One Click is Enough

Yeah, Champs, we know what you're thinking right now. “Every application says that it takes just one click to do whatever”. And usually you are completely right. Luckily Mobogenie is not like most Android phone managers out there. Just open the Toolkit tab and it does take a single click to backup, restore and root.

SoftChamp Advises

Champs, since information became the most valuable asset, we strongly recommend that you backup your data first. It's not just about Mobogenie, but any application that somehow interacts with your files.



  • Works with any Android phone
  • Helps you manage your phone via cable or WiFi
  • Has own app store
  • One-click backup and restore

Let's summarize everything: Mobogenie for PC is the complete Android phone manager with its own rich app market and well-designed interface, which saves you time and nerves.


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