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JoyToKey 5.6 is a software application that lets you control you PC by using your joystick controller, by emulating a keyboard. So in other words, when you press a button on your joystick will be the same as you press a key or a key combination on the keyboard. Moving your joystick in any direction will allow you to move your mouse cursor.


  • Users can assign multiple keys for each button
  • Supports up to 16 joysticks
  • Emulates the mouse cursor
  • Automatic repeat of button input
  • Allows you to use multiple profiles

JoyToKey is developed to support up to 16 joysticks. It also enables you to create several configuration profiles and save them. Every individual configuration includes 32 buttons, 6 axes and 2 point of view (POV) switches for every joystick. Moreover, multiple keyboard keys can be assigned to a joystick button.


JoyToKey has a plain and simple user interface. It has several menus on top and is divided in two sections. The left one is where all your profiles are listed. All joystick functions and assignments are listed to the right for each profile. You can easily switch between the different joysticks using any tab on top. More options can be tweaked if you click on the Options tab. A drop-down menu will offer you to choose among three options for keyboard emulation mode: Default, Virtual Key base and Scancode base.

Basic Operations

JoyToKey requires all joysticks that you are about to use to be connected to your PC, prior to starting the program. The Preferences window holds some advanced options too, that can be set to force the program to generate debug log file or to change the internal processing speed.


JoyToKey is a great way to challenge yourself by using your joystick as a keyboard. Of course, it cannot be a complete keyboard and mouse replacement, but it can give you a different approach to how you can control your computer and some programs.


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