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Most computer users know how to install and uninstall programs on their computers. Some programs do not have built-in uninstallers, so you have to use the Windows tool provided for that job. However, there are some types of programs and toolbars which are hard or impossible to remove. Then you need a specialized utility like IObit Uninstaller This powerful software is a perfect solution to remove any application from your PC. Moreover, you can use it to delete all leftovers that are usually left on every PC after each program uninstall. The good news about this app is that it does not cost anything and can be used to remove any program.


  • Supports Standard and Advanced uninstall
  • Forced uninstall feature
  • Batch uninstall mode
  • Log Manager
  • Restore point creator
  • File shredder

IObit Uninstaller supports two uninstall types – Standard and Advanced. The first one works just like the Windows built-in Programs and Features function. If you want to completely remove all possible leftovers and scan Windows registry for associated entries with the program, you have to use the Advanced method. The advantage of this utility over others is that it can remove any program or toolbar which is even not itemized in the list of all Windows installed programs. This is possible thanks to the powerful scanning capabilities that this software has. It works on any Windows OS and has a multi-language interface that supports more than 20 languages.


IObit Uninstaller has a user-friendly interface that can be easily understood by any beginner or advanced user. There are two tabs on top – Programs and Toolbars & Plug-ins. All currently installed applications will be listed in the first one. This will happen right after you launch the program, because it will scan your computer instantly and all the information that this software needs will be available in no time. If your list is too long, you can use the search box to find a certain application and then remove it. Every program will be shown along with its operational status, size, installation date and its version.

There are several sub-tabs that you can use if you want to filter all programs in your lists based on when they were installed, their size or if they are just Windows updates. When you select an item from the list, all you need to do is click on the green Uninstall button, located at the bottom of the window. There is an option that you can enable if you want to simultaneously remove more than one program at a time.

Basic Operations

IObit Uninstaller can also deal with toolbars and plug-ins which are usually not listed as installed or are hard to be removed. Again, you can quickly find the item you are looking for using the provided Search box. A handy option is that you can sort all toolbars and plug-ins based on which web browser they are installed on. Another great feature worth mentioning is that you can use a feature called File Shredded which will make sure that all files are permanently erased from your hard drive and no one will be able to restore any of them.


In conclusion, we will be honest with you and will tell you the truth that IObit Uninstaller is a very capable application. It can remove all programs, toolbars and add-ons, even the hardest ones to remove. During our tests, this software did not freeze or stop responding and no errors have popped up. But whatever we say, will not be the same as if you download and try it yourself .


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