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Evernote is probably the best and most popular note manager on the market today. It will keep all your notes and clipping within a single interface. Actually, you can even use it for storing your memos, documents and emails, cell phone text messages, image files, etc. Evernote is cross-platform software, which means it can be installed on any PC or mobile device and sync all data across all your devices for easier access.


  • Evernote Web clipper
  • All devices are in full synchronization
  • Extended notebooks and labels list
  • Atlas feature
  • Smart search

Evernote is one of the applications, which can run on any Windows, MacOS and Android-powered device. Everything is uploaded to the server and kept there for future reference. It also comes with an implemented OCR feature. It supports over 30 different languages.


Evernote has a very appealing and well-designed tabbed interface. As you may suggest the Sync button is the most commonly used one. Its color scheme creates a feeling of reliability. By default there are three main sections. The first one contains all categories such as notes, tags, attributes, trash, etc. Right next to it, you will be able to preview all its available items. The third one is the place, where you can actually edit your notes.

Basic Operations

This app requires a registration before actually installing it. Once you sign in for the very first time, it will send you with an email with a link. It is really convenient for daily use.


Evernote is just the right software in case you need to have all your images, documents, audio and video files, notes and clippings within a single interface. It comes with a really extensive feature list.


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