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DirectX 9 9.29.1974 is the windows driver that runs high-speed multimedia and enhances game experience. It is essential for most games. The main reason for that is that Direct3D is used for both video and game development. This API is completely free of any charges, so you can download it hassle-free.


DirectX is mandatory for most of the older games. They won't run if you don't have installed DirectX 9. You should also keep in mind that DirectX 11 doesn't include some of the libraries of its predecessor.

Basic Operations

Some of other built-in components, you will get with DirectX 9 are DXGI, DirectWrite, XInput, DirectSound3D, etc. DXGI manages swap chains for Direct3D. The other components are designed for fonts, communication with game controllers, mice, keyboards and joysticks, recording and playing sound and for playing of 3D sound.


In case you are about to use graphics/video applications or play games, you definitely need DirectX 9. It is essential for all these kinds of software applications. Please do not hesitate to download DirectX 9. You will need it for sure at some point.


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