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If you are a music fan, you definitely have to take a look at BearShare This small-sized free program is the only thing that you need to download or listen to your favorite music. There are many similar programs today, but only this one provides all the features you need to listen to your favorite tracks all the time. Here comes the great news – it is completely free for download and use and comes without any restrictions or limitations. The only thing that you have to do is to create your own user account to get you started.


  • Built-in media player
  • Users can listen or download songs
  • Music collections can be created
  • Integrated DJ mode
  • Powerful music search engine
  • Burns music CDs

BearShare can instantly play every audio or video that you have chosen. The built-in media player is placed right on top of the program. Every user can create their own library of audio files or video clips without even downloading them on the hard drive. Moreover, user can share any song or playlist on Facebook or Twitter as well as to create many playlists. Other than that, you can transfer your favorite songs to your iPod or MP3 player and carry them with you all the time.


All the things that you can do with BearShare are so easy, thanks to its user-friendly interface. There are no menus on top as you have seen them in most similar program. Instead, there are six tabs, called Home, Library, DJ, People, Discover and Search. Every one of them is dedicated to a certain feature and can be reached with a single click. For better recognition, every tab has its own icon colored in different color.

You can search for songs or artists using the provided for that Search bar right under the tabs. You can specify the genre you like before initiating your search. A single click is all that it takes to add any song to your playlist. All tracks can be played in a sequence or in a shuffle mode. To manage your music collection you have to click on the Library tab while the DJ tab is something different. It is a virtual DJ which can play music you may like based on a song or an artist. Other than that, you can set your mood and then the DJ will find songs that correspond to your current mood.

Basic Operations

BearShare offers several useful features and one of them can be seen if you click on the People tab. Here you can reach other program users and share with them music, playlists and just about everything. Discover is the last tab where you can go if you want to learn the latest news about the music world and to obtain more information about any song or artist. This application can also be used to burn music CDs with your favorite tracks. Several application settings can be changed if you populate the Preferences window of the program.


BearShare is the program of the day for you, if you love music and you constantly like to discover more and more new artists and songs. It is capable of providing you all the latest and the greatest songs that you will probably hear on all radio stations. Packed with many features, this free utility can satisfy even the biggest music fans around the world.


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