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AVG Internet Security - Complex virus and malware protection

Looking for the best virus protection software on the market? An antivirus program which can stop any malware? An Internet security suite, which offers multi-layer virus and malware protection for your PC? Fortunately, AVG Internet Security 2014.0.4716 is all that.

Fully-featured Antivirus Software

This security suite bundles all kinds of tools and features against malicious software like viruses, spyware, rootkits, worms, etc. AVG Internet Security assures your protection, no matter if you browse the web, play games, watch movies, etc. So basically, you get both active and passive security.

Download AVG Internet Security - Fully-featured Antivirus Software

Active Protection

Active virus protection is probably the most important thing when it comes to choosing the best antivirus software for your PC. Download AVG Internet Security and you will get tons of real-time security features, which will keep your system safe in every possible way.

  • Real-time virus protection – Viruses, spyware, worms and other malware don't wait for you to leave your computer alone to attack. They may hit you at any time. It doesn't matter if you are checking your email, watching streaming videos or listening to music. These malicious intruders are ready to attack 24/7. Thus you need an antivirus buddy, which will “have your back”. AVG's real-time protection system is very effective, especially when it comes to blocking viruses and other malware. It just doesn't let them harm your operating system.
  • Link Protection – At first sight, AVG's LinkScanner might look like a minor feature, but actually it's not. Please let us explain why. Thanks to this security option, AVG acts just like your mom. When it detects bad or harmful links, it warns you right away. You might     think that LinkScanner works only when you browse the web. Actually, it also keeps an eye on you while you tweet on Twitter or “hang around” on Facebook.     
  • Email Protection – Nowadays email communication became very important not only for business, but also for regular people. Thus often it's an object of malware attacks. Champs, please keep in mind that the attachment is where malicious software hits the most. You need to be very careful with them. But how can you differentiate “good' from “bad” attachments? Unfortunately, Champs, you can't. Thus AVG's top antivirus software scans them and checks for any malicious software, which is ready to hit at any moment. The only thing you can do is skip emails from unknown and suspicious senders.     
  • Keeps your downloads clean – Since we've mentioned Link Protection and Email Protection, it's time to continue with the next security feature, which will prevent your computer from virus infections. AVG's Online Shield might sound like some silly antivirus option,     but it's not. It is like an extension of Link Protection. Sometimes links are not harmful, but the file behind them is. This feature won't let you download anything, which can put your system in danger.
  • Anti-Spam – Spammers and scammers can become very annoying, right, Champs? Basically, they are almost everywhere. AVG Internet Security knows how to block them.
  • Improved Firewall Protection – Firewall always is the first thing that  viruses, spyware and other malware encountered. This kind of security is extremely important, especially when it comes to online shopping which we tend to do more and more. Right, Champs? Fortunately, it     doesn't matter if you use wired or wireless Internet connection, because AVG's Firewall works perfectly in both cases.
  • Protective Cloud Technology – Cloud technology is probably one of the most rapidly-growing technologies even in antivirus software. As you may have already suggested AVG has developed their own called Protective Cloud Technology. Thanks to this new security feature, AVG Internet Security gets constant updates from a very extensive database “on the cloud”. Thus you get zero-day virus protection, too.
  • Community Protection Network – AVG has really surpassed itself, when it comes to delivering prompt security updates. Thanks to this community network, AVG relies on all of us to get information about new threats. Thus you can contribute to an even better virus protection     for everyone.

Passive Protection

Besides all these security features, which guarantee having a decent active virus protection, AVG Internet Security bundles a few other utilities, too. They are not designed to work in real-time, but provide you with protection whenever you ask for it.

  • File Shredder – This is a simple, yet very efficient way to protect your sensitive data. This feature is designed to work just like the file shredder machine in your office – permanently deleting important files and documents.
  • Data Safe – However, if you chose to keep your files instead of removing them, you can take advantage of the next feature, which can restrict unwanted access to any of your sensitive data. How? By providing you with a secure virtual disk on your computer, where it encrypts and stores all your valuable files and documents.     


Champs, we know what you're thinking right now: “How do all these features affect my overall performance?” Unlike most expectations, your PC won't run slowly. Actually, AVG Internet Security comes with a few other options, which can make you happy.

  • Turboscan – This scanning mode dramatically shortens the security-check time, thanks to its smarter sequence. Basically, let's say that it strictly follows the order in which your files have been saved to the hard disk.     
  • Gaming mode – It is perfect for those of you, who hate it when their antivirus program “whines” about everything while playing your games. This mode will stop all kinds of updates and warning pop-ups. However, the AVG's security software will continue protecting you     and your PC.
  • Accelerator – Last, but not least, it's the accelerator. As you may have already supposed, it makes things faster like your Internet connection speed, video streaming, online videos (i.e. YouTube), etc. Basically, you'll get much smoother and better user experience.

Internet Security Vs. Free Antivirus

Champs, is this enough for you? AVG Internet Security 2014.0.4716 is like a very luxury and refined sports car, which comes with tons of gadgets in it and a powerful engine with a super-charger under the bonnet. So basically you get both top experience and top performance. However, if you don't want to spend any funds on virus protection software, you can download AVG Antivirus FREE and still enjoy great security.


  • Real-time virus detection and protection
  • Complex privacy protection
  • Anti-spam function
  • Prevents access unsecure links and files
  • Doesn't affect your PC performance
  • AVG Advisor
  • Auto-fix
  • Auto-update
  • Multilingual


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