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Adobe Air enables software developers to express their knowledge and creativity in a much wider way as well as it opens many more possibilities for both everyday users and experienced software developers. Adobe Air allows all advanced users to create new web apps by using various web instruments such as HTML, XML, Flex and Javascript.


  • Free
  • Quick installation process
  • Allows developers to create richer and better web sites

Since this software provides features, which cannot be used in your everyday life, it is really difficult to describe them. However we will do our best. Just like other software solution of Adobe i.e. Adobre Flash Player, Adobe Air installs on your hard drive and waits for you to call it. Since it is intended for developers, it doesn’t matter to an ordinary user whether it is there or not. Despite that you will notice how easy it is to install Adobe Air on your PC.


Adobe Air doesn’t have interface. You just install it on your PC as a regular app, but you cannot run it from anywhere. So actually it is not the usual software that we are used to, the one that comes with an appealing interface, a manual script, multiple menus and so on. Basically, it is like an add-on for Windows, which allows developers to create new and better content with it.

Basic Operations

Once again, you can't launch Adobe Air like any other Windows application. Actually, if you aren’t a developer, you cannot take advantage of it. In a few words Adobe Air is an addition to your system software libraries and will enable computer programmers to deliver rich cross-platform and cross-browser applications. According to our observations and developers’ feedback, it really does an awesome job.


If you are a developer and you are looking for a powerful development environment for creating nice web applications, you definitely should pick Adobe Air. Please feel free to share your observations within our Comment section down below.


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